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Word Smiths are far and few. The great writers pull you into a setting quickly, draw on your interest with descriptions that make you hunger for more, driving you to read on in continued discovery!

My life has been dedicated to writing wedding and honeymoon information and now the imagination pieces I placed in a drawer over the years have escaped into my stories for children and young adults.

Judith Rivers-Moore

Professional Writer, Judith Rivers-Moore


Connecting People Through Words

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                                 Fifty Years - My How Time Flies

Recently there have been numerous shows on television regarding the landing and walk on the moon on July 20th, 1969 by two amazingly courageous men, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin with Michael Collins awaiting their return to Apollo 11. This is and was "such a big deal" considering this was the first time any of them had to do it. We have come far over the past fifty years.

I was at NASA on Edwards AFB in California at the time to witness the "fly by the seat of your pants attitudes", the inspiring creativity, and let's get it done enthusiasm of hundreds of men in engineering and on the flight line ... brought to their jobs daily. Their jobs were to bring knowledge to the future success of the space program with their experiments on the X-15 program. These engineers, mechanics and test pilots were the foundation to what would soon happen for our astronauts.

My little GS-3 job offered the safe and sensitive clearance in the Technical Library. My office was attached to the hangar and my window view look out on Chuck Yeager's Bell X-1 and usually two X-15's, among other aircraft. So much was happening in the shops along the way to the hangar where I worked in this beehive of activity. We were creating testing items on the X-15 flights for the newly announced space goals by President Kennedy ... the metals, telemetry, cameras, fuels and instruments designed to prepare for the space program flights in the near future.

I was there from 62, 63 and a half of 64, meeting test pilots, the first group of astronauts that came through to use our amazing equipment and various testing areas that helped them gain skills to be an astronaut. NASA and other parts of the base held very unique equipment including the rocket sled and G-force-accelerator. While Joe Walker was our main test pilot, some of the astronauts flew the X-15's off the B-52' wing attachment and into the outer atmosphere.

My office was next door to where test pilots changed into their flight gear. While these news worthy men walked into or by my office for many months, there is one man that says it all for the group. He would come by my office in his bright orange suit and ask me to open my safe for him to write various things on the charts we pulled out.

One day my curiosity got the best of me as I saw him heading out the door onto the ramp. I questioned Milt, "What do you do exactly?" He smiled, his usual generous smile and replied. "Take a look out the back door Judy, this will show you." I walked ten feet to the back door and saw a large C-47 airplane with a tow rope attached to what looked like a painted balsa wood bathtub with short tail wings. The wheels looked like bicycle wheels.

Milt Thompson continued with the project name. "This is called The Lifting Body Project. I get in the small device and the C-47 tows me up into the air and lets the tow rope loose and I glide back over the Edwards Lake bed, recording the air, wind, temps, for the correct date, etc. and put that in the charts you keep in the safe." (This was before computers were small... data rooms were as big as a house.)

I shook my head in wonder, "That thing looks like it could fall apart any minute! Why in the world would you want to do that?" He again smiled and said, "Someday we will be landing our space ships on that dry lake bed out there and the astronauts will need the information I and others have collected for them."

I am ashamed to say my astonished, (pea brain) reply was, "That's impossible!" He laughed and said. "All it takes is faith the size of a grain of mustard." with that he walked out and got in the glider contraption, gave the signal to the C-47 pilot ... and both went down the runway. 

also flew the X-15.

Milton Orville Thompson offered me that day a wonderful testimony, but also the attitude I saw in every one of the people striving and working around me. I saw people stretch their limits for a common goal.

We began landing the Space Shuttles on Edwards, April 14th, 1981.


I was there when the Cuban Missile crisis occurred (Edwards had the largest Missile Rocket Base in the hills above the lake bed at that time). We knew what was aimed at us. Also the radio in my office brought the sad news of President Kennedy's assassination. Either one of these could have brought us to a shut down. What I witnessed was people not missing a beat and working harder though the hurts and losses. I am certain most were wondering what was going to happen to the program and their jobs, yet they continued moving toward their set goals. From Chuck Yeager (the head of NASA) to my boss on flight line, Mr. Bailey, the engineers, mechanics and paper pushers all believed there was a goal to be met and ... they met those goals.  Much to be honored and admired,

Samples Of Article Writings by Judith Rivers-Moore

Text In The "Best Style Wedding Magazine"

The First Chapter Of

In Search Of Bicentennial 76


Children do not always know what goes on in their parents' minds. Why parents would pull their children out of second and fifth grade to head across the USA in a 25 foot trailer seeking the history of the United States must have made them wonder and wonder about us many times: 

Why did they have to leave their home, friends, schools and all their toys? Why did they have to cram into a small trailer to do this? Why didn’t they have a say in all this - maybe they didn’t want to go?

But fortunately, children pick up on happy vibes, excitement and find they will go along because of their parent’s enthusiasm!.  My husband and I had talked about heading East for the 1976 Bicentennial celebrations during the 76 summer vacation for a few months. He being a teacher, we did have that possibility. 

 I began working more jobs, the girls helped me with two county fairs as the Puppet Palace Players.  They saw little of that money as we began saving the funds for what we wanted to do while in the East. They didn’t know it until years later, but most of our earnings that summer went toward a week-long cruise in the Caribbean leaving from New York.

The trip vocabulary was becoming quite familiar to our daughters Anne and Lynn when we all of a sudden looked at the number of years my husband had been in the school district. Over seven years, meant the district would allow a year off with half pay or a half -year off with full pay for a field study. He became very busy putting together his district office theme for the half-year application. If it all worked out we would have 8 months on the road instead of two.

I typed up the school district proposal and he sent it in. It was pins and needles for a while and finally word came that it had been an approved field of study. We then sent out over seventy-five letters to various schools along the route we were taking. Day appointments were scheduled and records of phone numbers and contact names were recorded carefully to take with us.

Over the next few months we learned how to do our trip banking, what type of credit card was accepted nationwide, purchased a Good Sam Camping book and made reservations by phone. (There was no internet in 1976)  Took important medical and insurance papers and all the addresses we would need. Often we watched people gasp as we spoke of our future adventure. 


Earthquake Retrofitting Is Important in 

Santa Rosa and Bay Area, California

California "building-code-compliant" seismic ... Earthquake Authority and the Governor's Office of Emergency Services has made requirements to the builders of homes, office buildings and structures in all counties of California. The history of earthquakes in this state brings attention to construction companies on the importance of retrofitting small to large constructions.

Meeting the seismic code’s, requirements on Earthquake Retrofitting is what Kauth Brothers, (an iron and steel fabrication business in South Santa Rosa) provides with quality services and products. Kauth Brothers create the quotes and sale of Anchor Bolts, Metal Strong Ties, Strong Frames, plus Metal Earthquake Supports for homes and buildings. 

The company also complete designs, construction and installation services on Ornamental Iron Railings & Gates, Modern Steel Railings and Fabrication of Iron or Steel Building Construction.

Kauth Brothers, under the direction of Michael Dremann is well known for accurate quotes according to drawings provided by architects and engineers.  They also offer services in creating the drawings on projects. 

the ordering of metal structural connectors for timber and masonry construction that are vital to meeting the California building codes for the Sonoma County and cities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sample #2

Press Democrat

Letters To The Editor 

 237 words

It Is Important To Clean Out Our Creeks Prior To Winter Rains

Most of our citizens are focused on rebuilding and fire prevention after the fire storm of 2017 . Those of us with a stream or creeks at our back doors (business or home) must come to grips with cleaning out the brush and debris in our creeks to PREVENT overflowing into our homes or businesses. While we understand it is the City of Santa Rosa’s responsibility for this task, they may not have the funds, manpower or time. Presently the creeks look very full of overgrowth. It is important we as citizens do our part if the City cannot.

With many businesses and homes backed on creeks in our city, action must be taken to clear them of tall weeds and trash so they will run freely to the ocean. There has been no action taken to clear the growth before the flow of the winter rains begin. We had record rains in 2017. This lack of clearing could add up to a huge loss to homes and business, if increased action is not taken now. Learn more at:

Google States: In 2017 Santa Rosa, Ca. had 52.07 inches of rain, less than 4 inches shy of the total for the wettest rain year, in 1982-83, when 55.68 inches fell in the city. Mar 2, 2017. Many cities across the USA and other countries have recorded unique high rainfalls in short amounts of time, causing flooding of local streams and rivers. We trust this will not happen in Santa Rosa.


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