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 SEO Tips For Great Website Results On Search Engines

There’s no doubt about it: emotional titles get more clicks. Learn methods to write this style content here:

  • Your web page design must work for smart phones.
  • Your web page design can work on key-pages for an audio phone search.  (newest suggestion in SEO) (more info below)
  • Your web page content (especially the homepage) must answer the user’s needs and completely reflect the page title and description as key-search-terms you want business from.
  • Key-search-tag all your photos.
  • Use long-term-key-search terms in your content.
  • Study how people that want your service would search for your business.  ie:  you offer a lowest price on tires ...  use the term in your Title & Content: "Lowest price tires in Montgomery County| John's Tires".   Tag a photo of tires with the same term.
  • Your phone number - visible in the Header or in the Contact Link.
  • Add an an interior article link and another website article with top Google ranking - regarding your business subject into the homepage content. 
  • Add brackets and parentheses to the End Of Your Titles = Gains Google Visibility & Hits.  
  • Great Titles and Page Titles draw on Emotions or Need of the user.  
  • CTR List building tips:   To Gain Leads: Offer an item for free from your website with e-signup.  Use a list management platform and remember to e-mail clients on the anniversary of when you last worked with them. 
  • Google looks for this:  Social Media, Facebook and/or Blog Platforms with links back to your website.
  • Important you create a Site Map.  (info below)
  • Please remember to submit your website to the search engines every 6 months.  Very important to re-submit when you make major changes to your Directional Pages.  (more info below)
  • Popular content solves people’s problems or answers a question by providing comprehensive, accurate, unique information and resources. People want to find what they are looking for fast or they will hit the X button if it takes too long to find what they are looking for.

    Content Ranking #1 - had a bulleted list 78% of the time.

    Forget big walls of text. No more than 2 sentences at a time. Content must be easily understood by 13-15-years old stud

Advertising On The Search Engines

Most new businesses understand they may need to pay for Google and web search engine site first page positions until they get their business going and their website begins to rank.  This can take from one year to never if you do not create your page correctly.  I will share

the fact there are strong search engine SEO companies out there.

Before  and often you will be instructed to do the following when you purchase web marketing packages or begin an      AD-Sense Account on Google, you may want to consider these tips when developing or remodeling your website:

  • SEO results do move around....depending on the days you are submitting your account address.  You may be 1st on the 5th of the month and move to the 10th on the 15th and on to the 25th on the 30th.  
  • Over submitting a website is a No No... you could be dropped off of the search engines
  • The Search Engines love you more when you have a number in your website title or a city name to come up locally.  ie: 10 Best Tire Check Tips | Montgomery Alabama Tires
  • Google likes Google:  Create a Google Blog  with additional articles and link it to your home page paragraphing.
  • Ask for recommendations and post them on your website.  Submit to
  • Create an informative Video to put up on You Tube.  Link this video on your home page.

Words Offer Great Power On The WEB

Place these in your title tags and content to generate interest.

Write out a list that refers to your business.

Look up on the search engines how others are phrasing their titles and descriptions.



Right Now


Works Quickly

Step by Step








  • 40% of adults perform at least one voice search every day
  • Voice searches performed in Google are up 35 times more since 2008
  • 20% of all searches on mobile are voice searches

Where You Pick Up The "How To Place A Voice Search For Your Website::

Wordstream Article


Must be on the first page of your website

Helps to have it in a Featured Snipit (title description for page)

Another Website For Information on Voice

Graphics, Video, Animations Gain SEO Attention

You and I know sifting through tons of words to gain a little info is a 

                                                Turn Off

Keep them in your website longer with:

Use a lot of media Include graphics, animations or video. interactive content converts 2x better than static content. 

 Media will also boost your dwell time. It keeps visitors longer which is a strong SEO signal for Google and will help you to rank higher in search results. Include an image when appropriate every 75-100 words. The average article ranking #1 has 9 images.

Choosing A Marketing Seminar

The Who - What - Where - When & Why...

by Judith Rivers-Moore

Do We Need A Coach !! or Can We Do It Ourselves?

Marketing a business, professional practice or service has changed radically over the past five years. Everyday we find some glossy new idea. The question is -- - is it a proven formula that works, or a hoax. We really need someone to guide us toward the "real THING in marketing for 2016 and 2017. We are willing to CHANGE our process, but our business needs a voice, guide post 

and SOLUTIONS in this wilderness of technology.

When Should WE Do A Marketing Seminar:

  • We have a group of businesses who are struggling with current marketing.
  • We have an association who needs to know more about marketing trends.
  • We have a current staff that could take on modern concepts in marketing.
  • We need new customers and fresh ideas.
  • When we do not have a lot of time and need advice in a nutshell
  • Who Is Best To Cover The Materials For Us:
  • We want someone with many creative ideas.... not just one or two formulas
  • We want an expert in Search Engine Optimization.
  • We want an expert in Social Media.
  • We want an expert in proven and new methods and real tools.
  • We want to identify modern technology to cut our time and costs.
  • What Type of Marketing Knowledge/Tools/Training Do We Require:
  • We want to know what type of marketing works best today.
  • We want to know what type of marketing brings us our best clients.
  • We want to know how to effectively spend our marketing dollars.
  • We want to know what we can do for FREE.
  • Where Shall We Host This:

During our General Meeting

At a Conference as part of the education program for our membership.

The Marketing Seminar hosts a seminar at a specific locations and invite us in.

When Do We Want The Seminar To Happen:

Prior to setting our marketing budget for the next year.

During our regular meeting with a brief hour of presentation.

A half day seminar with take home materials

A full day seminar with luncheon and several speakers for under $1500.

Each attendee receives print materials.

Judith Rivers-Moore, 707-837-3928

When Modern Marketing, Business Marketing, Social Media

& Search Engine Optimization

Are Important To Your Business...Click this text to start editing. This image and text block is great for descriptions about your business, products, or services. Double-click the image on the right to change it. You can also stack more of these blocks to describe items with imagery.

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Click this text to start editing. This image and text block is great for descriptions about your business, products, or services. Double-click the image on the right to change it. You can also stack more of these blocks to describe items with imagery.

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