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Guardian Angels 

 Shortly after graduation from high school I began a job that was 25 miles of freeway away from my home. One early morning my 55 Chevy was going 60 miles an hour on a Los Angeles freeway. I suddenly heard a commanding voice in my head say, “Let up on the gas pedal.” I had no one else in the car. The voice was so abrupt, yet I immediately did what the voice said. I was in the far left lane and immediately let up on the gas pedal. A semi truck ahead of me on the right lost its left rear tire mud flap. It skirted across the hood of my car and landed on the center rail. The realization that “ the voice “ had save me from that 100 pound mud flap coming through my windshield and killing me made this is one shaken person to believe in guardian angels the rest of her life. 

 Copyright, Judith Rivers-Moore, February, 2019


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