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 "Life IS "  

A  Journal  by  Judith Rivers-Moore


                   Dolly Parton Once Said, “Everyday We Have A Choice.,,,   I  Do The Best I Can Everyday & I’m Going To Enjoy My Life” 

                                                                          “If You Want The Rainbow, You Have To Put Up With The Rain!”    


Yes, I could have quoted dignitaries or the Dalai Lama, but Dolly says it right. Most of us go through life believing our daily lives are just in the process of happening. We give no credit to providence, nor the fragments that allow us to be in the right place at the right time.  Most of us do not value the interference or impact from one person on our lives,  How one person can affect and rob us ... or add to and give us  joy  and the gift of fond memories .  We truly learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. It is the person that comes to grips with nor limitations early when you ask for help and guidance from the stronger other(s).

We often do not give credit to that one thing “that sets something important in motion” to excel or preserve our lives. Sadly some people play or wish their lives away and hide from living.  Others find methods to make their lives a “tool or useful” because they value the short amount of time they have on earth, or comprehend  that good works  bring them happiness.  

The following stories of my life give a view into why I believe in the joyful promise of God & angels ... (shared with respect to all who believe in a higher conscience),  This Journal contains the guidance and structure of my family, and my belief that we are all possibly in place at the right moment in time.  During this limited time, it is up to us to act for, or stand  with, the many expressing  attitudes of support. In our work and play, we have a narrow margin of time to live on this earth to give our stories, our love and our passions, but most of all our  appreciation for what we have.

Who am I to think someone would consider my unique stories about  life important?  They are probably NOT, yet a reflection of our time and era.  Not of a hero or heroine, yet they shaped my life, attitudes,  thinking, gratefulness, and joy at being  alive to savor and appreciate what I learned from each of  life’s changing moments.   


Life Is - Basic Philosophy Developed As A Child Through Family, Friends and Experiences

2515 Sunset Ohio

My Heroine

Understanding Crazy

The Wiff of My Mother

My Brother Don

Billy Dale

Life Is - As A Teen

February 14, 2018

 Dyed To Match


Life Is - Experiences As A Young Married Woman

Working For NASA

Meeting The First Astronauts

Wither THOU Go'est 

Living Under Control

Life Is - 

Becoming A  Mom 

We'll Give It The Old College Try

Life Is - 

Juggling The Mom & Children's Entertainment Business 

Joys of Motherhood

Business Is Business

Our MOM's A Clown

The Puppet Palace Players

Traveling With Children

Bicentennial 76 Trip

Life Is - My Community Efforts & Growing The  JR Publishing Business 

Volunteer - Who Needs A Volunteer - Everyone!

The MADD Presidency

Creating The Project Graduation

Writing & Publishing "Beautiful Weddings & Events" books

Being One of the FIRST On The Internet For Wedding Planning

"A Glowing Testimonial

To Live Your Individual Life... & Understand

What Has Shaped It.

Life Is  -  As A Growing Older Adult

You're Never To Old To Learn Something New

Emptying The DRAWER

Skin Cancer

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