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Most Romantic Travel

Add Romance To Your Vacations, Honeymoon OR Destination Wedding

Romantic Travel

World Wide Travel Locations

Romantic Spots In Our Beautiful World

March 15, 2019

We have often found ourselves staying in some of the most romantic hotels, inns and resorts in the world. While each of us defines romance a variety of ways, we would like to note in this blog where you will find these excellent ideas for romantic getaways, destination weddings & very romantic honeymoons.

Hawaii & Tahiti Islands Resorts

Kauai Island

Perfect destination wedding & honeymoon

Bora Bora Resort

Amazing food and over water bungalows   

Honolulu, Hawaii

Secluded Hotel With Beach Honeymoon & Weddings 

Sports & Activities - Breakfast & Car Rental Included - Maui

San Francisco

Yacht Adventures On San Francisco Bay     

Sonoma Wine Country  

Victorian Inn & Restaurant In Vineyards

Lake Tahoe, California & Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Niagara Falls in New York or Canada, 

Virginia Beach, 

Gatlinburg Tennessee (Great Smokey Mountains) 

 Gulf Shores of Alabama. 

Disney World in Florida or Disneyland In L.A. California

Yosemite & Other USA National Parks   Find A Park

Over Water Bungalows Anywhere  

21  Castle Hotels In Europe

Cancun, Mexico    Romantic Resorts 

Paris France   Romantic Hotels In Paris

France's Wine Country

Portugal Coast   Ten Most Beautiful Towns

 The Caribbean Islands

East Coast Belize For Diving

Lake Como, Italy    Boutique Hotel On The Lake Shore

Venice, Italy   Ten Most Romantic Hotels

Thailand & Puhket     Ten Romantic Hotels

St. Petersburg, Russia

Take A Cruise

Cruising Is Fun

Various Cruises For Various Age Groups

January 2018

What Cruise Lines Are Best For My Age, My Interest, My Budget, My Family, & Where Are The Nearest USA Ports

You might be entertaining the IDEA of going on a cruise. We offer some information that might assist you in making a decision. If you search Google for cruise with your special interest, you might come up with a favorite band, speaker, learning experience, or last minute cruises.... Please scroll down for the nearest ports.

                          Flying to the port can add to your expenses.

Use This Great List of Ports to Plan:

Sometimes you are offered a special gift for booking a cruise... On-board credits, free drink packages, an excursion, or spa package, or your housekeeping fees. The cruises do not include what you do on shore, but will offer shore excursions. If you go off the ship, make certain you get back before the sailing.

There are some things you need to know about on-board cruise expenses. Everything gets placed on your room key-card. You are asked for a credit card number prior to boarding the ship. You still have the option of paying the purser for all your extra charges in cash or with a different credit card - prior to leaving the ship.

((Many ship lines today provide a ONE TIP FEE Plan.  Read your information.

Tips can range from $10 to $25. per day for housekeeping. Bar tips, pool tips, massage tips and salon tips are separate expenses. Also the dining room captain & wait staff.  

The excursions booked on board may seem pricey, but the ship chooses to work with insured companies with a good reputation.

If you are a heavy drinker - understand each bar fee is added to your final bill. Some who like soft drinks, use the beverage package and wine lovers - the wine packages offered.

If you gamble or buy in the ship's stores, that is always a separate fee on your room key.

Bills are given mid-trip and the final evening.

Salon visits or trainers can be pricey, so if you are a heavy user of spas, massage, you may want their special packages. In port days, you will find good discounts at the spa.

Most offer a Unique - High-end restaurant. Nice, but not necessary.

The mini-bar in your room is very pricey and added to your key-card.

Music, entertainment, food (including in your room), children's events are mostly free.

Last Minute Cruises from various companies... often offer 35 to 82% off on Vacations To  Go

Look for SPECIALS on their websites:

Cunard - Holland America - Older Passengers - 50-95

Carnival - Many Young Adults - 18 to 45 with many singles.

Disney - Families & Seniors with Grandchildren - 2 to 85, Many young adults. - Many do a side trip week with the nearby hotels to Orlando's Disney World & Epcot.

Celebrity - Royal Caribbean - Regent - 25 to 85 - families, good children's programs

Norwegian - Some very awesome new ships for all ages.

Oceania Cruises - High end owned by Norweigan, and worldwide travel options - older adults

Princess Cruise Line - family oriented - 25 to 85

Seaborne Cruise Line - high end of Carnival

Paul Gauguin Cruises - Unique destinations for the adventurer of all ages

We adore the educational trips from 

Semester At Sea 2 weeks to round the world travel.  U of Virginia

college students & adults.

Viking Ocean Cruises - exceptional service,and smaller ships.

Viking River Cruises - are senior oriented - great option for those who get sea sick

Wikipidia has a great list of cruise lines, including river cruises.

Allure is the largest cruise ship - the on-board shopping mall is amazing.  

Romantic Travel

TIPS On Adding Romance


July 2018

Plan trips around the full moon calendar. Beautiful evenings add a great deal of romance to any trip, whether camping or cruising.

Look at the unique weather information online. The time of year you plan to travel and regions that are safe offer a great deal of relaxation to travel. (You really do not want to head to the Caribbean during hurricane season - July through October).

Pack ahead - little meaningful gifts to open while on your trip.

Include tours and unique tourism ideas through the hotel.

Enjoy a spa date with a "Couples Massage".

Check out local restaurants ahead of time - online reviews prior to travel. Ask the locals and hotel concierge also.

Don't wear yourselves out every day - be rested to enjoy one another.

Understand if you have just planned and experienced a wedding day celebration, you are going to be very tired, so plan a few days rest and then head toward the tours, clubs and recreation. 

 Sick and sun burned is not what you want to recall from your travel.

Remember to get a phone app for long distance - or, or, or you come home to major bills.

Take lots of selfies, but put your phone away and pay attention to one another and savor your surroundings.

Traditional vacations of the same old spot - do not add to your romance. Keep it moving!! You will find some areas are more romantic than others, but most build unique memories between the two of you through the years.

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